Why Build Mobile Apps?

Reach More Prospects

According to the Guardian, 71% of UK consumer phone users now have smartphones. Smartphone penetration is expected to hit 100% in the UK by 2018. And people carry their phones with them everywhere they go!

Engage Your Customers

Customers on smartphones will increasingly expect more to keep them engaged. The traditional text or print marketing is boring … multimedia rocks! After all, we all have 5 senses, right? Appeal to those 5 senses now because you can, 24/7, 365 days a year.

Retain Your Customers

If you don’t engage your customers, someone else will. Nobody complains about being entertained … equally no potential customer will ever engage with you if you bore them to tears. So … entertain them … make them want to come back for more! :)

Be Awesome, Be Productive

Have you recently checked out the latest smartphones? They can sing and make you a meal (well, maybe not quite all that, but you get the picture). You can now manage orders/bookings, collaborate with clients, keep records of your loyal customers and perform many other tasks in ways that were not previously possible.

Save Some Moolah

Reach more prospects, keep more customers. That’s efficient marketing. In 2011, news of Bin Laden’s death had 40,000 news article mentions, 40,000 blog mentions and 2.2m tweets in less than 12 hours since the news first broke. Stop distributing papers. You need to be Santa to deliver those paper leaflets quick enough to rival digital media. Nobody reads them and it’s bad for the environment!

Show Off to Friends & Family

Get an app. Join the cool club! Show off your app. A fantastic party conversation starter! And hours of fun.

Great! So What’s Next?


Step One: Contact Us

Interested to hear what mobile can do for your business? Don’t be shy, get in touch. We love hearing from people and talking about mobile apps.


Step Two: Brainstorm

Every business is different. Let’s sit down and formulate a mobile strategy just for you. We’ll get those “who, what, why, when and how” questions answered.


Step Three: Be Mobile-Ready!

Your mobile app is ready for download!

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